Blog Post What does a hand wax do for my car?

Andre Weliky


A hand wax treatment for your car isn't just about shine—it's about protection and longevity. Applying wax by hand or with a small orbital allows for precision, ensuring every inch of your vehicle's surface is covered. This protective layer shields the paint from UV rays, dirt, and moisture, preventing fading and corrosion. Beyond protection, hand waxing brings out the car's natural luster, making it look brand new. It's a simple, yet effective way to maintain your vehicle's beauty and value. 

The hand wax treatment at a reputable car wash or detail center also gets your vehicle in front of an experienced detailer. If your car needs other services just ask and I’m sure that you will get a great inspection and introduced to valuable other services that you may have heard about, but not sure what they do. Here are some of the other services and when you will need them:

Clay Bar

A clay bar is a detailing tool used to remove contaminants from your car's paint, glass, fiberglass, and metal surfaces. These contaminants include tree sap, overspray, brake dust, industrial fallout, and pollution that can't be removed through regular washing. You should have this treatment performed on your vehicle about once a year. Here's what a clay bar does for your car:

Using a clay bar involves spraying a lubricant on the car's surface and gently rubbing the clay bar over it. This process lifts the contaminants off the surface, which then stick to the clay. After claying, it's recommended to wash the car again and follow up with a sealant wax to protect the now-clean paintwork.

Hard Water Removal

A hard water remover is a product specifically designed to address and eliminate hard water spots from your car's surfaces. Usually this is applied by hand prior to washing and is most effective when followed by a hand wax. These spots are typically caused by mineral deposits from water that evaporates, leaving behind calcium and magnesium residues. Here's what a hard water remover does for your car:

After using a Hard Water remover, it is usually wise to apply a wax to protect the paint as these chemicals that dissolve the mineral deposits will also remove the wax.

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