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Andre Weliky


One of the most common questions I receive is, "How much will it cost to detail my SUV (car, truck, etc.)?"

Everyone’s vehicle and status of cleanliness is unique, making it challenging to estimate the cost over the phone. My usual response is, "Bring your car in so we can take a look, because it's hard to see what you need over the phone." Most people understand this and know there might be extra charges, but nobody likes surprises when it comes to price. In this post, I’m going to explain how we price a detail service.

 Determining Vehicle Type

Before pricing, we need to identify the type of vehicle:

- Coup: Two-door, two-seater sports car

- Sedan: Two or four-door car seating four to five people

- Small SUV: Smaller than a Jeep Cherokee

- Regular SUV: Similar size to a Jeep Cherokee

- Large SUV: Larger than a Jeep Cherokee or with three rows

- Monster Truck: Lifted vehicles with large aftermarket rims and tires, requiring a ladder to reach the roof

The size of the vehicle directly affects the cost. For example, if the service starts at $60 for a standard sedan, a large three-row SUV would start at $75.

 Assessing Interior and Exterior Issues

Next, we note any obvious interior issues:

- Pet hair

- Excessive sand

- Stained fabrics or panels

- Vomit, feces, or blood

We also look for exterior issues:

- Bugs

- Paint transfer

- Tree sap

- Tar

- Bubble gum

- Overspray

At this point, we can provide a pretty accurate quote for the cost and the time needed to complete the job.

 Full Service Wash

We begin with a "Full Service" wash, which includes:

- Washing the wheels

- Washing the exterior

- Vacuuming

- Washing the windows

- Hand drying the body

This allows us to identify any additional issues that might require more time or extra charges to fully detail your vehicle.

Now that you know our pricing method, you'll always be prepared when you get your car detailed.

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