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Celebrating 60 Years in Business

Outshining the rest since 1962

The 4-95 Boca Car Wash is a Boca Raton family owned and operated business. The Weliky family has been running it since 2009. While we take great care in your vehicles you bring to us we also care about our community. We support the local Cub Scout Troop 324, The Girl Scouts, Caring House, and so many charity auctions around the Boca Raton area. 

The 4-95 Boca Car Wash is a Full Service car wash. That means when you come to us we can take care of all of your cleaning needs, whether its a simple wash or wax, to an in-depth detail or paint correction. Full Service also means that we do all the hard work, we don’t charge you $25 for a wash and then hand you the vacuum! Let us do hard work especially when its hot out (we know it’s Florida where its always hot out.) We provide a great car wash at a great price using the most efficient and newest technologies. At the 4-95 Boca Car Wash you can get a full service car wash and really receive full service. For under $20 we wash your car, hand dry the exterior, wash the wheels to a sparkle shine, shine the tires, wash the windows inside and out, vacuum the floors and mats, and dust off the dash and console. Check around and you can't beat that price! We also offer many other detailing packages to suit your needs from waxing, clay bar, compounding to shampooing carpets.

No job is too small and no car is too dirty!

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Outshining the rest since 1962!

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4-95 Boca Car Wash

1299 North Federal Highway
Boca Raton, Florida, USA

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