Exterior Detailing

  • Hand Wax - $39.95

    Rims Cleaned, Tires Shined
    Dust off Dash and Console
    Wash Windows Inside and Out
    Exterior Wash Microfiber Towel Hand Dry
    Hand Application of Carnauba Wax
    Hand Polishing with Microfiber Towels
    Door Jambs Polished
    Air Freshener
  • Clay and Wax - $79.95

    Full Service Wash PLUS:
    Hand Clay Service
    Hand Application of Carnauba Wax
    Hand Polishing with Microfiber Towels and Buffing Pads
    Exterior Chrome Polished, including Wheels, Exhaust Tips, Window Trim, Bumper and Accents
    Air Freshener

Interior Detailing

  • Interior Super Clean - $39.95

    Full Service Wash PLUS:
    Clean Dash, Console, Doors, Door Pockets,  Cup Holders, Kick and Interior Panels
    Brush and Thoroughly Vacuum Seats and Carpets
    Condition Dash, Console, and Inside doors
    Polish Door Jambs
  • Interior Detail - $79.95

    Full Service Wash PLUS:
    Clean and Condition Dash, Doors, Console, Jambs, Rocker Panels
    Shampoo and Steam Clean Carpets, Floor Mats and All Carpeting, and Cloth Seats
    Clean All Leather Seats, Arm Rests, Door Accents, Steering Wheels, and Conditioning with Premium Leather Conditioner
    Cleaning of all Interior Crevices, Under Seats, Doors Pockets, and Seat Pockets
    Air Freshener

The Best Results, Period

With 4-95 Boca Car Wash, you will get the most professional service and the best results. Our expert technicians are sure to exceed your expectations, doing more than other car washes.

Come in and we can give you a better quote on the time and the price for your individual detailing needs. We have many different options to suit your car!